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33 Years District and Superior Court throughout Massachusetts
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Lissa McKinney graduated Suffolk University (1981) and Suffolk University Law School (1984) and started as a trial lawyer with the Committee for Public Counsel Services in Worcester and Boston. Her courtroom and trial experience spans 33 years and more than 1,000 bench or jury trials, probable cause hearings, restraining order hearings and evidentiary hearings. Lissa's practice concentrates on labor and employment law, personal injury, consumer fraud complaints, administrative hearings, and ALL matters of criminal defense.Out of the courtroom, she represent clients at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, Department of Employment and Training, DSS Fair Hearings, disciplinary hearings of licensed occupations, and firearms licensing appeals.

McKinney was an Adjunct Clinical Trial Practice Instructor at Suffolk University Law School where she supervised third year law students providing indigent criminal defense. She served as Staff Attorney for Suffolk Lawyers for Justice (SLJ), the Suffolk County bar advocate program assuring the quality of lawyers representing indigent criminal defendants. McKinney has also been a lecturer at various educational seminars sponsored by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE), the Boston Bar Association, Suffolk County Bar Advocate Program, Suffolk Lawyers for Justice, and the Committee for Public Counsel Services, such as: District Court Bar Advocate Training; Essential Rules of Criminal Procedure; Trying Drug Cases in Massachusetts; Emerging Areas of Criminal Practice; Hot Tips for Trying Criminal Cases, Probation Violation Proceedings; Defending on a Shoestring; Pre-Trial Conference Rules; Evidence-Getting It In and Keeping It Out.

Lissa is a member of the Massachusetts Bar, the U.S. District Court for the First Circuit, & the Florida Bar,
Membership: Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MACDL); Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys (MATA).

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Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys
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J.D. (1984) | Criminal law, student lawyer clinical program, labor and employment
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Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MACDL)
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Speaking Engagements
Probation Surrenders, Boston
Suffolk Lawyers for Justice (SLJ)
Evidence: Getting it in-Keeping it Out, Boston
Suffolk Lawyers for Justice (SLJ)
Pre-Trial Conference Rules, Boston
Suffolk Lawyers for Justice (SLJ)
Defending on a Shoestring, Boston
Suffolk Lawyers for Justice (SLJ)
Essential Rules of Criminal Procedure, Boston
Boston Bar Association
District Court Bar Advocate Training, Boston
Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education MCLE
Trying Drug Cases in Massachusetts, Boston
Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education MCLE
Hot Tips for Trying Criminal Cases, Boston
Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education MCLE
Emerging Areas of Criminal Practice, Boston
Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education MCLE
Probation Violation Proceedings, Boston
Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education MCLE
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53 Questions Answered

Q. I hit a pole while driving during a rainy night, the officers came unexpectedly and I told them my mom texted me.
A: There isnt really a question here. However if you appeal the ticket and go to the clerk's hearing there is a decent chance they will give you a break if you havent had any driving infractions before, on the distracted driving aspect. However, there can be some complications with insurance surcharges for you being at fault in the accident, but you needed to be More than 50% at fault so go back and see if the area was lit sufficiently at night and be able to testify about it. Replacement of telephone poles is expenbsive and your insurance may have to pay for that as well as the damage to the car. Your mom should not be yelling at you either, if she was texting you while you were driving it is as much her bad as yours. What isnt clear here is whether you are an under 21 driver which could matter to the clerks decision process.
Q. Will my sons father do jail time for a second time for a second offense against me in Massachusetts?
A: Your question just cannot be answered as it has too little factual information. Was he on probation for the 1st when the 2d happened? are you on board with the prosecution or not planning to testify? Are there photos/medical/hospital reports? Generally the more serious any injury impacts the case too, although the view on that varies widely across the state. There are too many variables and not enough facts to answer your Q.
Q. I am a college student and was caught using a fake ID this past weekend to go to the bar.
A: This will not show up on a backround check until you are arraigned and the formal criminal process started. However, this can be a serious crime that many students don't realize until something like this happens. Under Mass. General Laws c.90 § 24B It is a '5 year felony' which simply put means it is the maximum possible sentence. It could also possibly be brought under Mass general Laws. Ch. 138 sec 34B, which has it as a misdemeanor : "Any person who transfers, alters or defaces any such card or license, or who makes, uses, carries, sells or distributes a false identification card or license, or uses the identification card or motor vehicle license of another, or furnishes false information in obtaining such card or license, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not more than two hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than three months." IF you are lucky they might set this up for a clerk's hearing on the misdemeanor, but usually not. It is up to the police bringing the charges and how it might go varies widely court to court. Usually you will get a notice to go to Court for an arraignment. In addition to being a felony, ( or misdemeanor) a conviction will impact your driver's license ( 6 mos lic loss) , criminal record, employment applications in the future etc. As a first time offender you are absolutely not going to jail or anything like that, but it is serious to the Court's particularly in the ones close to college campuses where this is very common. Please think long and hard about letting your parents in on this and letting them help you. They might be very disturbed later to find the opportunities you could have impacted because you were too anxious to tell them. I have found that parents do not want their kids toughing this out alone. That said, if you can manage it, get a lawyer before the arraignment as there are some steps possible that could head off the criminal process. In 2018 MA passed laws so that first time offenders could be diverted out of the criminal system and have an opportunity to keep the blemish from the record. You will want to take action before arraignment as that is the time it gets entered into the state and then national database, and getting it out is hard once its in. There are many of us here on Justia that handle cases like this regularly, and could provide more specific information based on where you are, the court that will hear it, and management of the case once you hear back from the Court. Good luck. Also, do your mates a favor and let them know the fake ID's just arent worth the risk and consequences.
Q. Owe a Limo Bill owner says if not paid today he will go to the police? Isnt this a civil matter?
A: It is both technically speaking. The larceny statute covers many kinds of thefy, including larceny by fraud, trick, deceit etc. If this is a straightforward failure to pay the police might treat it as civil and defer it. The limo owner can still try to obtain a criminal compliant, but you would get a hearing first. If you wrote a check and it bounced, then it is moire likley to be picked up under the criminal statutes.
Q. I suspect that my sister is being molested by her stepfather, she has told me that he tries to touch her private areas
A: You can alert any mandatory reporter, who is obliged to notify DCF and/or the police. That includes doctors, nurses, teachers, daycare workers, therapists of any kind, social workers, and many more. However, if this happens they may ask your sister and depending on her age the directness may make her cautious about disclosing this, especially if she is worried her mom wont believe her or that the step dad may become violent. Maybe there are other ways you can encourage and support her to report this as well, and help her prepare to do so as soon as possible before she comes to harm or expereinces trauma or PTSD or other hallmarks of abuse. I have litigated on both sides of abuse allegations, and it is important that the questioning be handled by trained professionals-not you. It is equally important that the step dad's behavior be stopped. If it is possible for you to take your sister out for an afternoon and take her to a doctor privately that could help; or to the police. You can also report this to her school principal or her pediatrician if you know who that is.
Q. If I file a motion to vacate default and get a new arrangement date can I still be arrested for “Bail Jumping”?
A: No- I have never heard of such an event in 35 years of practice. I am not even sure MA law has a 'bail jumping' law as you say. The penalty for bail jumping is your bail is forfeited to the state if one was posted, and they set a new bail usuallyhigher or double the old one to ensure you show up. If you missed and it was accidental or you had some emergency the Courts are usually pretty good dealing with it. If you were charged with some serious type of crime and left the state, you could be charged on a 'fugitive from justice' warrant, which is the only thing I can think of that approaches 'bail jumping.'
Q. I'm on pretrial probation I missed a drug test my tril is set for October 9th to be dismissed. Can I turn my self in on
A: They will not usually move up a trial dates as they are booked so tight. It sound like maybe you were on a pre trial diversion or given opportunity to not have case on record but the failure of doing thre drug test could be huge impact. You best have a very good explanation for missing it. IF you skipped because you were going to fail and have a reason, go and get a drug test now at a clinic or hospital if it was earlier this week just so you can have an argument that you didnt know what to do so went and got one on your own. Be advised marijuana will still be in your system. They have an option of re starting the probation too- so your missed test might get you a longer probation but if you turn yourself in and stay sober you may yet come out of this OK. A lawyer may be able to help make those arguments. For sure turning yoourself in and facing the music is going to yield much better results than waiting until your trial date though. Good luck
Q. Can someone transfer probation to another state the day They get released from jail
A: No, that is not a likely scenario at all. Transferring probation out of state requires a lot of forms to be filled out and the other state accepting the probationer. In addition, you have to provide an address where you will be living and that address has to be verified as well. It is doubtful the process has even been started, in my opinion.
Q. Is it legal to get around a parked police cruiser by using the opposite driving lane?
A: You should take a picture right away if you can, and file the appeal. I would say that is a good case, since you lived or were going to one of the restricted addresses you should have been permitted to travel. usually they stop traffic on one end and rotate the travel each way. So long as you did this safely, and he forced you into the other lane by his vehicle, you can and should be successful on an appeal, somewhat depending on what Court hears it....Good luck- PS if you want to optimize your success think about getting alawyer for the clerk's hearing; that way you increase the chance to avoid SDIP points or possible license suspension for a moving violation....
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