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My name is Ken Geniuk, and I'm the owner of the Law Office of Kenneth J. Geniuk, LLC. Licensed in both Kansas and Missouri, I am able to serve clients on both sides of the state line with a variety of legal problems. My main practice areas include divorce/family law, domestic litigation and child custody/support modifications, paternity and non-married couple custody disputes, auto accidents and personal injuries, and traffic/DUI/DWI charges as well as other minor criminal infractions, both in state court and city courts. In addition to my experience as an attorney, I have personally been through two divorces, with custody battles each time, as well as subsequent child support and custody modification proceedings, and also having been the claimant in a personal injury case. As such, I can truly identify with my clients during what can be one of the most emotionally charged times of their lives, and I have a unique perspective of the litigation process from the client's point of view, as well as a unique perspective of what clients expect from their attorney. One of my practice philosophies is that my clients should always be able to make informed and knowledgable decisions. That's why I try to make it a point to always educate my clients with respect to the legal process and what should be expected throughout each stage of the case or litigation. I also make it a point to educate my clients on the state of the law, explaining why things are the way they are, the standards of review and burdens of proof applicable to the case that a judge or jury must abide by, and how the law will likely be applied to the facts of the case. If you find yourself needing an attorney who will be on your side and in your corner every step of the way, consider trusting in the Law Office of Kenneth J. Geniuk, LLC for reliable and experienced representation.

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13 Questions Answered

Q. How do I locate a case in the court from three years ago?
A: Go to and do a litigant name search. Or, go to the courthouse where your case was/is, and the court clerk can usually look up the case based on the names of the litigants.
Q. I am the co-owner of a dog and the other owner will not allow me access to her. What are my rights?
A: Animals are considered personal property. Unless you have been given unrestricted access to the other person's home, I would not recommend going into the home and retrieving the dog, as your entry into the home could be considered trespassing, which might get you in legal trouble. If you HAVE been given unrestricted access, then you would probably be okay retrieving the dog, as you can not be charged with stealing your own property. In any respect, I would not do anything until you discuss the details more thoroughly with an attorney. Property law is heavily fact-driven, and you need to discuss those facts in order to get the best legal advice.
Q. I want to report domestic violence but I don't want charges filed is this possible?
A: I do not know the particulars of your situation, but domestic violence is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. That being said, a victim of domestic violence can request an order of protection from the circuit court, and the proceedings would be a civil matter, not criminal. If the domestic violence is reported to law enforcement, they will likely refer the matter to the prosecuting attorney, who will then determine whether to file criminal charges.
Q. How do I file a ccivil suit in Jackson County, Mo. this concerns matters due to a divorce aggreement.
A: You'll need to file a motion for contempt, or a motion to enforce the settlement agreement, or perhaps both. As far as "how" to do it, you'll need to preapre the motion(s), making sure that the allegations are sufficient to state a cause of action. Also, there will be some other forms that need to be prepared and filed. If you do it on your own, the Missouri Supreme Court requires you to attend an online litigant awareness program. I would not suggest doing it on your own. You really should sit down with an attorney to go over the facts in more detail so that you can be better advised on how to proceed.
Q. How does property that was inharited work in divorce
A: Property that is inherited is considered non-maritla property, and as such can not be awarded to the other spouse in a divorce. However, the court can take into consideration the value of the inherited property in dividing the remaining assets and debts, and in determining whether to award maintenance (what used to be called alimony).
Q. How do i contempt of court charges against my ex husband on money he owes me and titles he has not signed as ordered
A: The first thing to do is check your court orders to see if the money he owes you was ordered to be paid, or whether it was in the nature of a judgment in your favor. If it was only a judgment, then you will need to garnish his wages, as a contempt remedy will probably not be available. Same thing with the titles he is supposed to sign; you need to check and make sure that he is in violation of actual orders from the court. Assuming he IS in violation of court orders, you will need to prepare a Motion for Order to Appear and Show Cause (more commonly referred to as a motion for contempt). In that document, you will be asking the Court to order your ex husband to appear and show cause as to why he should not be held in contempt of court. You will probably want to get an attorney to help you with this, as you will need to file not just the motion itself, but also an affidavit or verification page, as well as a proposed order, and a request for service.
Q. Can u see ur kids while getting a divorce .
A: Absent some really good reason to the contrary, there is no reason why you should not be able to have parenting time with your children during the divorce proceeding. If your spouse is denying you visitation, you can file a motion with the court for temporary orders of child custody and visitation. If you do not already have an attorney to help you with this, I strongly recommend that you consult with one.
Q. Do I need a lawyer to sue for unpaid loans? I have all the proof necessary to show that this was a loan and not a gift?!
A: If you (the lender) are bringing the action as a business entity such as a corporation or LLC, then you must have an attorney. Otherwise you can bring your case without an attorney, but be careful in doing so, as you will be held to the same standards as an attorney, and will be expected to know the court rules, procedural law, rules of evidence, and so on. If the value of your case is small, you may want to consider small claims court, where neither party is allowed to have an attorney, and where the technical rules of pleading, evidence, and procedure are relaxed.
Q. Form for father to sign relinquishing parental rights state of missouri
A: There is no "form" to sign relinquishing parental rights. The only way to terminate parental rights in Missouri is by court order, usually in a juvenile proceeding or an adoption proceeding. The father can consent to the termination of his rights, or to the adoption, but a court order is still necessary.
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