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Aubrey C. Galloway III, Esq. received his Juris Doctorate from Pace Law where he followed a litigation track and excelled in trial and appellate advocacy. He earned his B.A. in Political Science from Gettysburg College where he was elected to the prestigious Pi Lambda Sigma honors society for excellence in the subject. Mr. Galloway begin his legal career as an Associate at one of the top Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury law firms in the country, Aaronson Rappaport Feinstein & Deutsch LLP (Best Lawyers® rankings). During his 4 years at ARFD he handled the defense of complex Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury cases. He obtained dismissals on several matters with $1,000,000+ in liability. While working at ARFD Mr. Galloway earned an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Health and Hospital Law from Seton Hall; he graduated with a 4.3/4.0 GPA. Mr. Galloway made a lateral move to Lawyers911 in 2014 to expand his practice into Criminal Law, Family Law/Divorce, Wills and Administrative law. He continued to practice Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury as the lead attorney in those areas. During this time he was mentored by Osvaldo Gonzalez, Esq. in Criminal Law and other areas. Mr. Galloway remains a part-time attorney at lawyers 911. In December of 2015 Mr. Galloway opened his own General Practice firm with the intention of providing fair cost representation to all in need. Thank you for visiting his website at AG3LAW.COM, and please feel free to contact him directly at 914-912-1555 with any questions you have or to arrange a free consultation.

Mr. Galloway is also a staff writer for Attorney & Practice Magazine and was named one of the top 10 Criminal Lawyers in NY State for 2018. - (see:

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We are now offering coverage for attorneys and firms in west Chester and New York City Courts; by far the most popular service has been local CT coverage. We are in Tuckahoe every Tuesday AM, Bronxville on Wednesday nights, Mt Vernon for L&T hearings and arraignments and Yonkers City Court all the time for everything.
Law Office of Aubrey C. Galloway, Esq.
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Law Offices of Osvaldo Gonzalez
Criminal Law, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice
Aaronson Rappaport Feinstein and Deutsh LLP
Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney
Law Student Attorney Licenced to Practice via the 2nd Dept.
District Attorney's Office of Westchester County
Licensed to practice under supervision as a law student, Mr. Galloway, as a law student, tried several misdemeanor cases to verdict.
Student Attorney
The Innocence Project
Reviewed questionable convictions of life in prison/death penalty and, with the discovery of DNA evidence, moved to overturn those where the condemned was found to be "Actually Innocent"
Seton Hall University School of Law
Health Law - Law of Patient Care (2013) | Health Care Law
Honors: 4.33/4.0 GPA
Pace Law School
J.D. (2010) | Law - Litigation Track
Honors: Student Body Government - Moot Court Finalist
Gettysburg College
B.A. (2006) | Political Science
Honors: Phi Lambda Sigma - Academic Honors Society
Activities: Rock Band, Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity, Rugby Team and Pre-Law
Top 10 Criminal Lawyers under 40 for 20187
A&P Magazine
Top 10 Criminal Lawyers for 2018
Attorney & Practice Magazine
Top 10 Criminal Lawyers in New York
Top 10 Criminal Lawyers under 40 for 20187
A&P Magazine
Top 10 Criminal Lawyers under 40 for 20187
A&P Magazine
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"10 Best Criminal Law attorneys in NY" for 2nd year
American Institute of Attorneys
To be considered for this honor, a Supreme Court justice or justice of a New York appellate court must nominate the candidate. Thereafter, the Institute conducts an investigation on the candidate which includes speaking to former clients (who waive confidentiality) and reviewing an attorney's "win / loss" record... in the parlance of our time. Ultimately the institute only choses 10 attorneys in any given field of law to award the Honor. 2017 represents the second consecutive year Mr. Galloway was named one of the top 10 criminal law attorneys in New York State.
"10 Best in NY" in Criminal Law based on results and client satisfaction
American Institute of Attorneys
Mr. Galloway was named one of the top 10 attorneys in New York State in the field of Criminal Law.
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New York State Bar # 4888459
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Activities: Started as student member as a 1L and remained a member after becoming a lawyer and thereafter.
Law of Patient Care
Seton Hall University School of Law
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Q. If my father got married had 3 kids got divorced then married my mother then I was born is his ex related to me
A: No, his ex is not related to you. Not biologically aren’t any other way. I don’t know how this is so much family law question; seems rather a genetics question... am I missing something here? If so and confidentiality is an issue please feel free to call me at 1-855-948-0100; I can do free phone consultations and / or if necessary an in-depth office consultation (w/ appointment so I may prepare options for you ...paid or unpaid) for what amounts to a costs & expenses fee of $50. Aubrey C. Galloway III,esq 2 Overhill Rd, 400 Scarsdale NY 646-905-6268 (cell phone)
Q. What is the penal statute and penalty for threatening a criminal judge in ny state?
A: Several, including but not limited to the following, however it should be noted that there are MANY MORE FACTORS NEEDED TO GIVE AN ACCURATE ANSWER. NAMELY, WHO WAS IT TO HAVE ALLEGED TO THREATEN A JUDGE? (the defendant? if so the charges? a lawyer? a person in the courtroom? WHAT COURT WAS IT IN? (did this happen in a local criminal court, a City Criminal Court or a Supreme Court, for a certain county, Criminal Term?, et al). Anyway, the statutes this person likely will be charged with are: 1. PL SECs 120.14 - menacing in the 2nd degree (assuming the person threatening the judge did put the judge in reasonable fear of physical injury), and depending on if he/she had previously committed this, sec 120.13 (1st) degree as well...either way, the former will be included, either as a charge in and of itself or a lesser included offense - 1st Degree is an E Felony so 1-5 years in prison, the 2nd degree up a year in jail; 2. PL Section 195.05, namely Obstruction of governmental administration in the 2nd degree - this is an A misdemeanor, so the sentence could be up to a year in jail; 3. Contempt of Court (the actual statute # I don't recall offhand, but it would be either: 1. Aggravated Criminal Contempt , 1st degree or 2nd (Efelony to b mis) either way it is a SERIOUS CHARGE- call 646-905-6268 for a free phone consultation or 1855-948-0100 for an office consult ($50 fee) (PS - if this is an emergency and you want to talk to a lawyer fast, call my cell - 914-912-1555. Aubrey C. Galloway III, Esq.;
Q. Should a non-parent; a cousin file for custody or guardianship for children in their care?
A: Yes, you may file a petition to change custody as the petitioners and the parents the respondents. At the first few hearings you will try to come to an agreement (like 4 way legal custody but primary physical custody with you. Trial or not, the legal standard to change/modify custody is what is "in the best interest of the child. We handle these so call 9149121555 for a free consultation In depth 2 hour initial consultation at office is $50
Q. I’m NYS if you get a health and wellness stipend do they use it to calculate your child support payment?
A: No
Q. I have had legal custody of my nephew for 8 years. My sister is trying to get him back. What can I do?
A: Well, she will have to file something called a petition to modify a permanent order of custody. Just to get into court she will have to show a “substantial change in circumstances”; you and your lawyer will have an opportunity to re-but this. If she does manage to get the case in the court is unlikely she will win as the standard is “the best interest of the child”. Furthermore, the court errors on the side of not making changes to the child’s current lifestyle and considering you had custody for eight years and the birth mother has a drug issue, assuming she can even get past the initial version of a “substantial change in circumstances “I find it almost impossible that she would be able to win back full legal and our physical custody. We handle these cases and require a $720 retainer. We bill there after at $180 an hour. If you would like a free consultation you may call me at 914–912–1555… Suffice it to say that even if you do not hire me the consultation is still covered under attorney-client privilege by law. Hopefully I can help you. Aubrey.
Q. Can we get marry and leave together while still on Parole and after finishing the D V class or P.O. can still said no?
A: It really depends on whether or not there is a TPO in place and, more importantly, whether the stairway provision has been struck from the TPO or not. If it has not, a lawyer can easily make a motion in the Family Court to have to stay away provision taken out of the order so U2 may stay together. We can probably do it for 350 bucks flat. Call our office at 914–358-6420 or contact us via the “contact us“ portion of our website at
Q. If I have 50/50 custody of my son is the mother entitled to %17 percent of my income in New York?
A: OK, you have two choices and you have to (at least I strongly recommend) do one or the other or your wife may be able to ultimately argue you have abandoned your son. You may either (1). Petition the family court for full custody or for whatever you want OR (2). You and your baby mama meet with an attorney together (our office does these things for $500 flat) and hash out a temporary (or final) Order of custody. In this the issues of physical and legal custody will be addressed and a certain percentage of monies will be determined necessary or unnecessary as agreed by both of you. I would suggest you just do this consent agreement and state That you want 50-50 legal custody and assuming one of you is going to take physical custody, you can still go 50-50 on that but just mention it in the order where the child’s primary place of residence will be. Whoever has him as a permanent resident may only collect child support in the event he/she makes less money than the other parent. In the event of a consent order this will not be determined by the court or trier of fact but rather the issue will be mediated by an attorney such as myself, To ascertain a fair solution. Finally, I suggest a temporary order of custody on consent bc there may be a change of circumstances in the future necessitating a petition to modify custody. What course of action you to take depends on how cordial your relationship is with your significant other, but I strongly suggest the two of you get together with a lawyer (you both wave your individual right to counsel, which is fine if you are simply hashing out a custody agreement on consent, neither of which you are bound to sign ) The 2nd less desirable solution is to make a formal petition for custody in the Family Court. The reasoning behind this, though I do not recommend it based on the limited facts you’ve given is as follows: When you say “my wife and I split custody 50-50“, I do not know what you mean nor would any other lawyer as there are two types of custody: 1. Physical custody, which is what I believe you two are referring to and, 2. more importantly, legal custody ( meaning you make decisions for the child if you have legal custody… This of course includes changing physical custody, so you need to make sure your custody agreement is filed with the court. It needs to be put in an order that you have at least 50% legal custody that way you may modify physical custody with the consent of your significant other or via petition. What you don’t want is to have nothing written down and filed in court because you’re opening yourself up to get screwed, excuse my language. If you would like to call me and discuss this for free I can be reached on my work cell at 646–905-7268. Finally, our firm does do non-binding mediation for couples or you can call just sitting down and working something out… $500 gets you a two hour session to hash out all the custody and support issues and after we have done so all together, you guys will just pay me by the hour to draft the custody agreement on consent which I will have so ordered by the court. (This would probably cost about $180-$250 making the total price for a consent agreement/stipulation of temporary custody and support, between $650 and $800. Litigation would be much more costly as each of you would have to retain an attorney, and for custody matters in Family Court we require a $5000 retainer; of course if the case is settled before trial in the 5000 or a portion thereof is not used it will be returned to you. That being said, however, I would try making an order on consent first because that is ultimately what you’re going to get with the settlement anyway unless you guys totally hate each other and want to take the child from each other. Again please visit my website at or send me a text to 646–905-6268 for a free consultation if you would like us to mediate a custody-support agreement. Aubrey
Q. How do I get a law like this passed in New York?
A: Well to be honest, just like in the federal government legislative branch is responsible for creating lot. Short of running through progress, I would suggest calling your local congressman or congresswoman and speaking to them about it. That is their job, to represent their constituents i.e. people like you in their jurisdiction up in Albany. I don’t exactly understand what your question is, but the bottom line is unless the woman is committing a toward against you or a crime there’s nothing you can do to seize her behavior so long as it is not illegal or in violation of New York State Civil Code. Again, I would be happy to talk to you about this on the phone as I’m a political scientist first and Lawyer second. Also,m yes the rumors are true, I am running for State Congress in 2020; I recently announced my candidacy two Thursdays ago at sushi Sumbu with a group of my friends from law school and college all there. So suffice it to say if there is someone you can ask about this I’m probably your guy short of calling your local congresswoman/man or senator. I can be contacted directly on my work phone at 646–905 – 6268 and will be happy to give you a quick free consult on the phone about this. If you would like to meet or do some research and arrange for a time for us to meet in my office I would be happy to do that as well. My hourly rate is $250 and, if you ultimately retained me the cost of the consult and research therefore will be included into the retainer fee. I anticipate this Consol taking about 1/2 hour and me needing about 20 minutes or so to research the issue. So if you want to call me on the phone and discuss it briefly we can then decide if you want to come in, and I will only charge you $200 flat for your consultation. If you would like me to actually lobby for you for a change in the law I will need a $5000 retainer up front what you will have any monies left over there from returned to you. Please feel free to contact me directly and again I would be happy to discuss this on the phone with you for free but will have to charge you if you want to come into the office. If you want me to lobby for you it will be a $5000 retainer up front. Feel free to call me if you want to bounce the idea of me thou please feel free to contact me directly and again I would be happy to discuss this on the phone with you for free but will have to charge you if you want to come into the office. Do you want me to lobby for you it will be a $5000 retainer up front. Feel free to call me if you want to bounce the idea off me Because I’m actually interested now about what you’re specifically talking about, no offense but your question is all o because I’m actually interested now that what you’re specifically talking about, no offense but your question is a bit vague. I look forward to hearing from you, Until then I remain, Very truly yours, Aubrey C. Galloway III Esq 646-905-6268
Q. I have a judgement against me personally. The opposing attorney in his restraining notice, falsified the accounts naming
A: Was the judgment entered on the merits or on default? Your question is impossible to answer without knowing that. Henning said the same, if the judgment was injured on the merit you must have filed a notice of appeal within 30 days or you cannot appeal the decision is final. This concept is called Finality of judgments. If, however, the judgment was entered on default, you may vacate it via a “traverse hearing” so long as the two prong test is met. Namely, if you can you show (1.) “a reasonable excuse for the default” and (2.) “a meritorious defense to the underlying action”. Meaning, if you did not show up and an inquest was held, where the opposing party only had to establish a prima fascia case, you have a good chance of getting it overturned; regardless of whether or not a notice of appeal was filed. I would suggest, for the purpose of making a motion or an Order to show cause and going to Italy argue the same for this relief, hiring an attorney that does these things all the time, like our office for example, IS A HUGE ADVANTAGE. If the judgment was on default, I handle traverse hearings quite frequently and can likely vacate the judgment for $750/flat. The reason the price is so cheap is because these are always heard first time on so I can predict that it’s not going to take me more than three hours of work, and I bill at $250 an hour… In fact we will do a traverse hearing for you for $720 Yours, Aubrey C. Galloway III, Esq, 646-905-6268
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